Bilal Onur Eskili

@ Bilkent University

Hi. I am studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bilkent University. I am interested in some subfields of tecnology in terms of current trends and techincal details. Furthermore, I am trying to improve myself at Information Technologies and Software. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are my favorite topics for learning because they provide an opportunity to both understanding environment with applied science and becoming involved in techs on the horizon. Also, I have been programming (especially, web and destekop) since my middle school days.
Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. -Nikola Tesla


IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the leading techonology today. Connected devices and networks are part of our daily lives. Nowadays, IoT applications that developed for both industry and end user have generally limited focus of interest and less number of peer in their networks. Moreover, IoT devices may connect more device that being within same application and without same application, thanks to improvements in smart cities and autonomous cars. If IoT is supported with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence practices, it will provide more beneficial and efficient systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

One of the in demand tecnologies of today is Artificial Intelligence. People can define AI is the "technology of future" but situation is not like this. I think AI is "technology of today". We can understand this fact just by looking at how diverse the subfields of AI are. Most important subfields of AI are NLP, ComputerVision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. These fields are strongly connected with each other and I think for a good application of one of them requires sufficient information about others. Most of the big companies around the globe collect, process and analyze the data with Big Data and AI practices and make decisions as a result of the feedback from them. Examples such as chatbots, artificial intelligence that evaluates resumes, autonomous cars, artificial intelligence that produces (or composes) new works of art by processing other works of art, artificial intelligence algorithms that match images or videos and reconstruct them so as to produce fake images or videos such as deepfake, voice or image recognition systems, forms just a few of the various examples in this field.

Blockchain ve Cryptocurrencies

Contrary to popular belief, blockchain technology was first occurred in 1982 in an article by David Chaum, not with bitcoin in 2008. No doubt, it owes its spread to the bitcoin. Crpytocurrencies originated in 2008 with bitcoin which developed by Satohshi Nakamoto(nickname). The future of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin is quite complex because economic balances also stand out here. However, blockchain technology has already begun to be widely used in many fields. Most important factors in cryptocurrencies' success are technology behind it, the opportunities this currency offers and for what services or purposes it is used. In shortly, the white paper of currencies decide whether it will be successful or not. In general, storing dirty money with cryptocurrencies and instability of cryptocurrency exchanges are the main question marks about cryptocurrencies.


Gerisay A platform that produces dynamic counters in order to make companies send these counters in emails to their customers for varying marketing strategies or embed it in websites.